Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14th

Okay, new direction for Brooke. I am going to interview females of all ages and backgrounds on marriage. From little girls to women in their 90's.

Now for photos . . . I have some ideas and I want your feedback. Should I do portraits of these women in their wedding dresses, my mom's wedding dress, no dress when they don't have their own, a veil? Or let them choose their pose and attire?

Same background, cloth back drop (I think I might do some at school here) how do I light it?

I was also thinking of presenting in an audio slide show like a David Hockney piece with various pictures of them materializing one at a time to create their complete portrait as their audio on what marriage is to them runs.

I hope to do some over this Thanksgiving week and will post some of the results.

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