Monday, December 3, 2007

Project Proposal on Marriage

What is marriage to the female population from all ages and backgrounds?

For many women marriage is understood as being part of life, something that will happen. Once it does there is lots of pomp and circumstance around the ceremony event and then it ends.

Afterwards the crescendo of what love and marriage dies down and the partnership takes its own life. What is that life? What is a view of a woman in a loveless, a happy, or a controlling marriage like?

What if you have never been married? How do you view a union? How does your cultural or social economic background influence your opinion on marriage? Does it?
How does a parents’ marriage affect the future relationships or marriage of their children?

This endeavor it see what the female’s perception of marriage is unveiled by asking several simple questions on marriage and recording their responses. In their own words how does a child comprehend marriage, a single woman in her 30’s, a divorcĂ©e, a same sex union, and a marriage lasting generations?

How will these submissions on marriage lay upon me or anyone who experiences this project?

The second component of this project is the portrait of these females. When presenting the project to these women, I ask them to think about something that makes them think of marriage and go from their on photographing them. At this time I am taking full portraits as well as partial portraits in the style of David Hockney where I would use many images to make one portrait.

It is my hope to build these images of the individual in a slide show format as their audio on the idea of marriage runs until the end when you have a full portrait of them.

This documentary is currently a work in progress.


Neva Austrew said...

Hey Brooke, I think this could be a really cool direction for you! I'm excited to see what kind of responses you get. I think you will end up with a great variety of responses because even though the government has a strict definition of what a marriage is, different women have very different opinions on that subject...

Rebecca Moran said...

Wow, a diamond mine (no pun intend) of a topic, Brooke. Your deep questioning and looking into this area of women's lives has the potential to reveal much about the individual woman and society.

We are socialized from birth to have certain views of marriage and of ourselves as women. Tie this all up with feminist theory, idealism and the law, contrasting it with what actually happens to women, and I think you are in for an eye opening body of work. You go girl!

Katie Ring said...

Brooke... come back to blog land! Tell us more!